The Wild

The Wild ran from July 7th till August 13th 2017 at W139 in Amsterdam. Made possible with the help of the Mondriaan Fonds.DSC00475OscarPetersDSC00916DSC00919DSC00529DSC00465

The Wild – W139 – Compromisloze kunst van Oscar Peters

The Wild @ W139

Oscar Peters bouwde in W139 een zeventig meter lange houten achtbaan. Eroverheen razen karretjes met kunst erin.

The Wild

On track at ‘The Wild’

Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb (2017) consists of a series of moving arms holding knives. The arms move and continuously stab the space around them, hitting each other, the floor, or the walls. It’s an ode to the classic horror flick.

The work has been shown at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam and at De Parade in Utrecht.

oscar_1 oscar_3 oscar_4 oscar_5 oscar_7 oscar_8 oscar_9 oscar_10 oscar_11

Photos by Mercé Wouthuysen


17 - Americar

America(2011) is a personal portrait of America. Shot in the abandoned parking lot of the Monroeville mall, I was ‘ghost riding my whip’. The car, Americar, was put in drive, we got out of the car as it was driving and climbed on top of it for some all American posing. Oh America, all handicapped parking…